Fohhn XS-10 aktiv sub

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Kompakt selvdrevet sub system, 1000W, 2x6", Audio DSP. Finnes i svart og hvit

Compact self powered subwoofer system, vented design, 2x 6,5“, 1000 W, integral Class D digital amplifier and 2x Fohhn Audio DSPs, networkable / remote control, approx. 15 kg.
Digital amplifiers (CLASS D, 1000 W): state-of-the-art technology, extremely efficient, low weight, outstanding impulse characteristics, transparent sound.
Two digital stereo signal processors (Fohhn Audio DSPs): excellent sound at all levels, maximum operating reliability, room presets, integral audio equipment such as EQ, delay, signal processor.2x 6,5" long excursion speaker: state-of-the-art neodymium technology, extremely powerful for a full, deep sound.

Easy to operate
A control panel with a blue, four-line LCD display is integrated in the active Sub so that users can adjust and view the DSP functions.
The system´s network compatibility and remote control options via a laptop provide you with assistance while you work. For connecting the active Sub to a PC the Fohhn-Net Adaptor NA-1 is necessary.

Fohhn Mains Control – the integrated mains supply monitoring system
During use, the supply to the amplifier is constantly monitored. If at any time it exceeds the maximum permitted range (180-255 VAC), the supply will be interrupted. During power up it also minimizes the input surge current by switching on at the mains voltage zero crossing.


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