NION n6 Dante

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Programmerbar Digital Audio Prosessor

Built on an architecture designed for stable, efficient and robust performance, the NION n6 Dante features a 448-channel high speed digital audio bus for seamless expandability. This low-latency audio path makes NION perfect for performance audio projects in addition to applications where a massive amount of audio processing is required. All units feature a floating point-based DSP engine, coupled with the world’s most efficient and high performance audio algorithms. This makes the NION system the most powerful configurable DSP core ever built for the commercial, engineered systems marketplace.

Intuitive, network-centric role assignments and extensive transport options make NION an unbeatable product for large and small projects alike. A single tool to design, program, and control your entire project, NION will change the way you design forever!


  • Floating point DSP Engine with 6 DSP chips
  • World-famous MediaMatrix audio algorithms
  • 128 channels total audio I/O
  • 32 bit processing engine
  • 24 bit conversion
  • Scalable I/O architecture with four NIO-card bays
  • Low latency audio performance
  • Integrated CobraNet or Dante I/O
  • Network-centric architecture
  • Supports centralized, distributed or hybrid processing
  • Integrated serial support
  • X-DAB bus supports up to 448 bidirectional audio channels
  • Front panel interface with intuitive user input controls
  • Robust Linux embedded system controller
  • Integrated flash-based storage
  • Windows configuration and control client
  • Full support for SNMP network management tools
  • Universal mini-ATX industrial-grade power supply
  • Software support for large-scale multi-node systems
  • Advanced DSP compiler
  • Configurable GPIO (compatible DIN rail package available separately)
  • Transparent control grouping across physical nodes
  • Supports redundant, self-healing configurations
  • Supports a range of sample rates from 22.05KHz to 96KHz
  • Stand alone or combined operation


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