Humantechnik PRO IR-400 IR-sender

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IR-sender med modulator, høy ytelse

The two-channel infrared transmitter PRO IR-400 combines the modulator and transmitter in one unit in a single Housing. This design saves costs and can be mounted in a space-saving manner.
The system generates a wide exit angle for the infrared signal, which is spread efficiently throughout the supplied areas in the club shape typical for this transmission technique.
The transmission of the PRO IR-400 is realised securely at a working bandwidth of 2.3 and 2.8 MHz and without any interfering ambient light. In 1-channel mode, the transmitter supplies areas of up to 900 sqm. Adding additional transmitters of the type PRO IR-400 allows the receiving range to be expanded easily. The delivery includes an attachment set for wall and ceiling mounting. There are also tripods available for free-standing installations.

Possible application areas:

  • Cinemas
  • Parallel transfer of different languages (channel selection)
  • Conference and meeting rooms, multimedia rooms
  • Courts and lecture halls
  • Schools, universities
  • Churches
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