Humantechnik RCI-102 IR-mottaker

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2-kanals IR-"under haka"-mottaker

The RCI-102, is an ergonomically designed under-the-chin receiver that weighs just 52 grams and is equipped with swivelling earpieces, which means that the earpieces retain their position in the ear even when the user turns his/her head. The flexible material used to make the ear buds also nestles gently into the auditory canal to effectively subdue any ambient noise.

Stereo or selective mono reception, e.g. for multi-language transmissions.
The RCI-102 is equipped with a switch to select the frequency channels. Both channels are constantly active for stereo transmissions. If the event organizer uses both the 2.3 MHz and the 2.8 MHz frequency ranges to transmit in two different languages at the same time, the listener can select the channel in his/her preferred language and receive the information in mono mode.

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